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Indians top the Greendex survey, Americans come last

Published on: Saturday, 16th May 2009 04:21 AM     By      Administrator

Indians top the Greendex survey, Americans come last

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“Green” is the buzzword today. Each day someone or the other comes up with a new green concept. I would like to ask you: Do you really know how your personal choices are adding up? How well are people around the globe adopting behaviors that can make the world a sustainable place?

In order to give people a better idea of how consumers throughout the globe are performing in taking action to preserve our planet by tracking, reporting, and promoting environmentally sustainable consumption and citizen behavior, a Greendex survey was conducted by theNational Geographic Society and international polling firm GlobeScan.

Greendex survey

The second annual Greendex survey researched 17,000 adults online in 17 countries to determine consumer attitudes and their behavior.

Consumers in India, Brazil and China scored the highest for a second year in a row, for their green behavior. Americans scored the lowest.

The overall findings of the survey are given in the figure below:


Why India Tops the list?