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Virtual Interviews Finds Rapid Adoption In Indian Recruitment Space

Published on: Wednesday, 13th January 2010 07:21 AM     By      Administrator

Virtual interviews seem to have become a hit with recruitment managers across India as it is turning into a cost-effective and smart medium to attract quality candidates. A recent piece in Businessline highlights the growing importance of this segment among the recruitment activity in India.

Virtual Interviews in India involves interviewing a candidate remotely through video conferencing and other high quality communication tools. Many companies in pharmaceutical, IT & ITeS, Infrastructure & Engineering space has been adapting this method to interview quality resumes across the country.

Earlier video resumes was becoming a norm but it did not bring any extra benefits for recruitment managers and finally gave way to live video interviews. It was recently used by IT players in Andhra pradesh to negate the state wide bandh effect on hiring activity. Globally many companies are even open to interviewing candidates on virtual platforms like Second-Life.

Benefits of Virtual Interviews:

Large candidate reach:
Majority of job candidates are ready to switch their towns if they get a job placement but they are afraid to venture out to another town for just a job interview. Earlier recruitment managers from small and mid size companies were limiting their approach to city based candidates but now they can turn to talents across the country.

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