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Faculties at IIMA decide to follow 3 Idiots

Published on: Thursday, 28th January 2010 08:59 AM     By      Administrator

In an elective course called 'Learning What is Not Taught (LWNT)' in the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), in-house and visiting faculties are adopting the line of 3 Idiots and teaching students to learn about life from beyond the textbooks and curriculum. The course took off on Saturday.

Executive director of Tata Sons Ltd R Gopalakrishnan who is the lead instructor of LNWT said, "What the students learn in the classrooms is only the beginning of learning. The rest of the lessons are to be learnt from what life teaches them."

He said that the early success of young management graduates, these days, makes them feel that they have achieved a lot in life and makes them overconfident as they feel that they could do much better than their predecessors. One of the purposes is to correct this false attitude. Under the elective course, we will teach students the integrity of management and will try to explain it to them through movie clips, anecdotes and experiences on how the mere act of chasing success brings failure.

The elective course which has seen a participation of 47 students of both PGP and PGPX students will also dedicate four sessions of video recordings of lectures by personalities like Narayan Murthy, Arun Maira, Vijay Mallya and Rahul Bajaj who will speak about their life experiences through the videos.Since the personalities could not be present themselves, the videos shows have been arranged. Recalling the genesis of LNWT course, professor of IIMA Atanu Ghosh said, "In the first week of October 2008 Gopalakrishnan came to IIMA and had an interaction with the students of the institute. Listening to the interaction, the idea for the course struck me."

Looking into the future of management education, Gopalakrishnan said that it will move beyond the conventional and general management course to include other aspects such as management of the self and so on and these aspects will hold greater importance and value in the future where the level of competitions and pressure also increases.

Apart from Gopalarkrishnan and Ghosh, the course will also witness interactive sessions of various other visiting faculties as well.

source : DNA